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The Linguarama Training Approach

Once we have a deep understanding of your company’s language and cultural awareness gaps, we develop a tailored business language training programme to fill them. Our language training courses equip your employees with immediately transferable skills that make sense for their role and your company goals.


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We have language training centres located all around the world, along with dedicated support teams for every region.


Our success lies in the immense quality of our people. We apply a “just-in-time” approach to our ongoing staff training which gives us a professional edge and allows us to maintain the first-class service our clients know and love.

All native speaker competence, our qualified language trainers have the experience and business knowledge to deliver relevant, culturally sensitive, and varied language training solutions to help your business address unique communication challenges.

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    Mary Patchin

    Mary looks after our busy German and Dutch markets and helps clients develop their communication strategies. She manages teams to offer clients unmatched support with a background in key account sales.

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    Paola Piccinini

    Paola maintains our high standards across Italy, Spain, and France. She attracts new clients every day, helping them strategise for an increasingly connected future. A talented linguist, she also works closely with cross-border clients.

  • profile photo laura scott

    Laura Scott

    Laura is our quality and training management master. When she’s not running German clients and our UK operation, she’s helping us develop products, inspecting quality, and training our staff.

  • profile photo - dave reece

    Dave Reece

    Dave keeps the heart of Linguarama beating by ensuring our technology never fails. He works hard to keep our central management systems running seamlessly while helping us develop new training tools.

  • profile photo - steve lowe

    Steve Lowe

    Steve looks after business for the UK around the world. This takes him to Asia, the Middle East and Europe working with international companies and educational institutions. Steve is also responsible for Group marketing with hands-on support and marketing tools.

  • profile photo - debbie barton

    Debbie Barton

    Debbie delivers comprehensive training to our staff across the group. She develops relevant training materials, and maintains high teaching standards across all our programs by observing trainers and inspecting quality.

  • profile photo - judy fitzgerald

    Judy Fitzgerald

    Judy manages German sales initiatives and runs some of the largest German accounts. She drives innovation in our product development and services and delivers incredible training to our staff in these areas.

  • profile photo - darina phelan

    Darina Phelan

    Darina manages our Live webinar products, develops content, and leads an international team in delivering them. She supports our trainers Groupwide, delivering high-level training on effective online teaching – our very own Virtual Trainer Certificate – as well as supporting us with diverse projects.


We’ve been delivering language training solutions for half a century! That’s 50+ years of developing practical courses to help employees learn vital business language skills. So if you want your teams to thrive in the face of communication barriers, we have the experience, tools, and knowledge to help you.

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We’re globally-recognised as a quality language training provider by the British Council for the teaching of English in the UK, Qualiopi (France), TÜV Rheinland ISO (Germany), and Audit Service & Certification ISO (Italy).

With quality assurance inspections, effective feedback systems, and intensive staff training, we maintain the highest degree of quality at all times.