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Les salariés bénéficient d’une expérience d’apprentissage flexible et personnalisée en utilisant notre plateforme.

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Our wide range of online learning modules means that individual learners can select a module which is highly relevant to their personal learning needs. Available 24/7 from any location, Linguarama Connect online learning helps them to communicate with confidence with colleagues or customers around the globe.
Stay connected with business language on-demand with the Linguarama Connect Online Business Coach or develop language skills for business in line with the CEFR language levels with a Linguarama Connect Business Pathway.
Our Linguarama Connect Online Learning portals:

  • Start with a test to establish current CEFR level and specific learning needs
  • Provide unlimited access to on-the-go learning material such as language games and listening practice
  • Connect you with the global business world through live news and business talks
  • Encourage a want-more learning attitude with constantly changing content and regular e-newsletters
  • Can be used on all devices, is mobile responsive and you can use it any time from your home screen
  • Do not require any specialist technical equipment
  • Provide personalised feedback and certificate



Laissez notre équipe amicale vous guider et vous conseiller sur les meilleurs formations en langues des affaires en fonction de vos besoins ou concevoir un forfait sur mesure.