Intercultural Competence – Working Across International Cultures

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coworkers on a lunch break

This seminar provides a practical introduction to cultural competence and the relationship between culture and business. It is broad in approach and examples are given from many areas in the world in order to show the range of different values, attitudes and approaches to everyday business activities. Participants consider how their own cultural background influences the way they work and think about the world, before looking at other cultures. to get directly to practical applications of immediate benefits to business.

Various awareness-raising activities are used to:

  • Define and understand “culture“ and its implications for business success
  • Consider participants’ own values and how these affect business attitudes and behaviour
  • Distinguish between cultures that participants encounter and how they are perceived
  • Examine different approaches to management, decision-making and communication
  • Consider how to communicate effectively and minimise misunderstanding
  • Participants will be able to maximise their effectiveness in building relationships and communicating with clients and colleagues in a range of different business situations.

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