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Linguarama’s Online Business English Pathways and interactive International Live Webinars help you systematically develop your Business English for exactly the situations and tasks you have in your work.

Working through a Pathway and meeting other professionals in Live Webinars will improve your Business English for immediate real-world use.

  • Online Learning Pathway: Linguarama’s Online Pathways enable you to improve your Business English independently with a wide range of learning activities including engaging videos, interactive exercises, and listening, helping you deal with your everyday business situations such as meetings, presentations and email in a dynamic and engaging manner.
  • You have access to a Pathway at your language level that exactly focuses on your business needs. Choose from Business skills, Office skills or General business English. Work at your own pace to complete a minimum of 25 hours of learning content in your Pathway. You have unlimited access for 6 months. After completing 70%, you can take a test and download your certificate and any personalized content you have input.
  • International Live webinars: take part in flexible open group training to improve your communication skills. Join a small group of international professionals at your language level to practise the language you need to communicate effectively at work. Our experienced trainers give you on-the-spot feedback and tips for learning independently. Our participants come together from around the world to exchange experiences and learn about language and culture.
  • Unparalleled Flexibility: Our online pathways allow you to tailor your language learning experience to suit your lifestyle. You have the freedom to learn at your own pace and convenience with access to your courses anytime, anywhere and at your own pace.
  • Live Webinars – Learn from the Pros: Immerse yourself in real-time language learning through our innovative Live Webinars. Led by expert trainers, these interactive sessions provide an unparalleled opportunity to practise your language skills, gain valuable insights, and engage in dynamic discussions.
  • Personalised Learning Journey: With our Online Pathways, embark on a personalized learning journey designed specifically for you. Choose from a range of modules, topics, and exercises tailored to your needs, preferences, and skill level. Enjoy the freedom to focus on areas that matter most to you, allowing your language proficiency to flourish.
  • Trusted Language Experts: Linguarama boasts a team of highly skilled language trainers who possess extensive experience in delivering exceptional language instruction. Our experts will guide you every step of the way, providing expert feedback, personalized guidance, and constructive support to help you achieve language mastery. Your success is our utmost priority!
  • Interactive Learning Tools: Linguarama’s Online Pathways feature cutting-edge multimedia tools, including engaging videos, interactive exercises, and immersive audio content, allowing you to improve your language skills in a dynamic and engaging manner. Prepare to be captivated, inspired, and motivated to reach new heights!

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