Business-focused language training helps employees confidently navigate corporate tasks and environments.

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We are experts in face-to-face training and online learning tailored to the business learner. Our courses help you develop the language skills you need now along with future learning strategies to ensure you continue developing your skills independently. Linguarama Connect Online Learning Portals give you the tools you need at work, when travelling and when you have a little extra time to practise. Cultural competence goes hand in hand with language learning. We integrate aspects of cultural competence in all of our courses. The benefit to you is authentic, relevant training in groups of like-minded learners or alone, for maximum progress. What you learn is immediately transferable to your work and delivered in the format perfectly suited to your situation. We regularly teach over 40 languages across our locations and worldwide.

Our corporate service for you:

  • Linguarama provides countrywide tailored language training for business learners
  • Online training management tools which links all the stakeholders so that information is transparent and available to all stakeholders in real-time
  • Quality management integrated into all training processes

Experienced Linguarama client support teams assist you in the planning and organisation of your language training programme. From initial advice on setting up your programme to everyday operational support, quality management and reporting – we use our experience to ensure that your training programme is optimised to achieve maximum results.

We connect Linguarama administration teams with learners, trainers and company HR departments in real time via a secure interface providing on-demand access to the information and resources needed to guarantee the smooth running of the programme.

Linguarama is accredited by internationally recognised quality bodies: British Council (in UK), TÜV Rheinland ISO (in Germany), Audit Service & Certification ISO (in Italy) and Qualilop in France.

Linguarama’s internal quality management activities guarantee professional standards of training and service through:

  • The Linguarama Group Quality Document setting standards for all areas of training and service
  • Group Centre Inspections measuring performance against the Group Quality Document
  • Interim and End Feedback System and effective Complaints Management
  • Regular training for all staff, and trainer observations

Linguarama understands the importance of effective communication to ensure the smooth running of your language training programme. Our comprehensive Linguarama School Management System connects all stakeholders in the training process via a secure online interface, providing real-time access to information.

  • Your dedicated Training Consultant is your central point of contact who is always on hand to help, advise and provide reports that can be customised to your requirements
  • The Linguarama School Management System is the central hub for all training management
  • provides real-time reporting for our clients and L&D departments
  • Participants have up-to-date information on training appointments and rooms via their online learning portal Linguarama Connect
  • The Linguarama staff portal provides our trainers with real-time information on training appointments and access to relevant teaching materials

Let us manage your training programme from the outset with a dedicated online information and registration process for your company’s employees. This ensures that prospective participants are well-informed about the courses and registration and can make the right choices to suit their personal learning needs.

The Linguarama School Management System is fully GDPR compliant.


Let our friendly team guide the way and advise you on the best business language training courses to suit your needs or design a tailored package.