Intercultural Competence – Working in or Leading International Multicultural Teams

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a group of women drinking coffee and discussing ideas

This seminar considers approaches to multi-cultural teams to facilitate harmonious and effective working relationships, effective team participation and how you can bring out the best in culturally diverse teams. Participants reassess their own attitudes and assumptions in a flexible and open-minded way.

The seminar can focus on general team-building strategies for international situations or on specific cultures by:

  • Analysing similarities and differences between cultures of team leaders and team members
  • Distinguishing how these translate into different perceptions and approaches to everyday business
  • Considering expectations and management styles across cultures e.g. influencing and decision making
  • Developing effective ways to communicate directly and virtually with international team members
  • Planning strategies to avoid conflict, minimise misunderstanding and sustain successful relations
  • Participants will learn to harness the synergy in a multi-cultural team and to achieve their aims effectively without conflict.

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