La formazione interculturale, grazie alla comprensione delle differenze culturali, aiuta i team a collaborare maggiormente.

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Over the last 30 years, we have helped numerous companies to operate effectively in the global market place and build successful international teams.

Our Cultural Competence Training covers the following areas:

  • Working across international cultures
  • Working with specific cultures or regions
  • Preparing for relocation
  • Leading and working in international teams
  • Managing human resources across cultures
  • Diversity within the workforce

These are examples of crucial issues when doing business in other cultures or creating multi-national teams and expecting them to work successfully together. We have provided Intercultural Competence courses and briefings for numerous clients including accountancy firms, law firms and multinationals. We can provide the training at any location in the UK or worldwide. We have skilled trainers with expertise in working with a wide range of different countries and cultures.

Cultural competence in global business is essential. Our training guarantees these outcomes:

  • Informed awareness and practical strategies for success
  • Achieving aims while avoiding conflict
  • Ensuring international projects and relocation go smoothly

Pacchetti di Corsi


I nostri consulenti potranno indicarvi e consigliarvi le migliori soluzioni formative possibili in grado di soddisfare le vostre esigenze oppure proporvi un pacchetto creato  specificatamente per voi.